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What are the best earbud tips?

Posted by The Ear Tip Expert on Mar 23rd 2020

There is not an easy answer to the question, what are the best earbud tips?  The reason is personal preference is subjective.  I personally prefer memory foam ear tips, but I also happen to like triple flange ear tips made out of silicone very much too.  But to be honest, more people buy regular silicone ear tips than the other two I cited combined, so if it's based on which sells more, then your basic round shape ear tips are the "best".  But it shouldn't be a popularity contest and you might find by relying on other people's opinion or sales data you wind up missing out on options that might fit your particular ears best, and that's key.  Everyone's ears are different and ear canal sizes vary.  Some people even have two different size ear canals and are most comfortable wearing two different size ear tips (or styles), so the best advice I can give is to experiment and find out what fits YOU best.  We recommend trying as many different types as are available in the connection diameter that attaches to your earphone, and decided for yourself.  Once you do that, you will likely find a big difference in comfort and isolation vs. what you normally wear and get the most sound quality out of your in ear headphones.  There are not that many different types of earbuds to try, so try them all and find out what's best for you!  Thanks for stopping by today.