Truly wireless replacement ear tips

Posted by The Ear Tip Expert on Mar 23rd 2020

Truly wireless earphones are a great innovation and make for a lot of convenience, but there is something all of the truly wireless manufacturers overlooked when making their charging cases.  None of them accounted for the fact that many of their customers want the ability to use a wide array of aftermarket ear tips and any tip larger than the largest tip that comes with the earphones will fit inside the charger in such a way as to allow recharging without removing the tip.  That's kind of short sighted in my book and for a couple of reasons.  The first is, anyone with larger ear canals will probably determine the earphones are not for them when a larger diameter ear tip than the OEM would make them perfectly happy.  Secondly, memory foam tips are fast becoming the most popular style replacement tips, but they are typically too tall for the charger, requiring users to remove them to charge.  That's probably not too inconvenient, but compared to just dropping them in to a charger that would accommodate them it is.  Lastly, specialty ear tips like double flange ear tips and the hugely popular triple flange ear tips are also too tall.  Fortunately, smaller sizes can be compatible with the case so if you have truly wireless earphones and the OEM tips don't quite give you the proper blend of isolation and comfort, you can find alternatives right here on our website.  Most of the truly wireless earphones use our size 4 ear tips, and in silicone we offer 5 sizes to help get that better fit.  Just be remember as you get into the larger sizes you might need to remove them to recharge!  Thanks for visiting today!