Replacements for your Clarity Aloft ear tips

Posted by The Ear Tip Expert on Aug 21st 2020

Hey all you aviators!  If you're tired of spending $25+ to replace your ear tips for Clarity Aloft Aviator headsets, you have found your new source.  We'll put our soft memory foam eartips up against any other brand's anytime and at just $9.95 for 6 pairs you can't go wrong!  They will attach securely and give you the same comfort and grip you need and expect for soaring through the sky.  If you've ever wondered if there was a good alternative to memory foam, have you considered a multi-level silicone?  We have those too.  Washable, durable, and most of all, comfortable silicone in either a double flange or triple flange earbud to add a little variety.  Take a look at them in our "Size 2 Ear Tips" link on the home page.  And don't be confused by the memory foam tips listed there, they aren't the right connection diameter for your Clarity Aloft headset, you'll find the Clarity Aloft memory foam tip compatible model here: