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Our new blog!

Posted by The Ear Tip Expert on Oct 31st 2018

Here we go, trying our hand at blogging to help customers find the right ear tips for their in-ear headphones! The first thing you need to know is that earbud tips are not universal. Many manufacturers do use the same tips (and buy them from us!), but there are hundreds of earphone manufacturers so there can be quite a few different connection hole diameters to consider. Also, the outside diameter of ear tips is not universal either. Most "mediums" are in the neighborhood of 12mm, but you should be aware that your Beats by Dre ear tips in medium might not be exactly the same size as the mediums that you used in your old Skullcandy ear tips, so check the diameters if you are trying to duplicate the fit. Remember, sound quality is directly related to sound isolation, so try an array of styles to find what fits best for you. Thanks for stopping by today!