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NEW! "ribbed" ear tips that offer a uniquely better fit!

Posted by The Ear Tip Expert on Mar 23rd 2020

What on earth is a ribbed ear tip?  I could be a smart-aleck and say "it's an ear tip with ribs" and I kind of want to because that's really what they are, but since I try to be professional in all things technical let me answer by saying they are reinforced ear tips that hold the shape of your inner ear better while at the same time applying just a tad more pressure on the pad to secure them inside your ear better. Silicone ear tips are usually shaped like a bowl with a connection cylinder in the center, but have no further structure than that.  Our new "ribbed" ear tips have very small pieces of silicone extending off the cylinder that attach to the bowl to offer a little more stability in the ear tip. You'll notice they hold their shape better when off, but the real difference comes when putting them in your ears.  That extra bit of structure allows them to hold the shape they take inside your ears while at the same time applying a bit of force to the wall of the ear tip so they actually hold better in your ear. We love them and think you will too! Check your earphone's sound port diameter.  They are currently only available in size 5 - 4.5mm (.18") connector hole compatible up to 6.4mm diameter (.25") - so ask us about your specific brand/model if you are unsure of compatibility.  Check them out here: