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Earbud tips that stay in

Posted by The Ear Tip Expert on Mar 23rd 2020

We are constantly being asked, what earbud tips stay in best?  Our answer can only be the ones that fit you best.  We don't mean to sound glib, but because everyone's ear canals are different there is no single answer.  Some people's ear canals are even different from each other, making the best fit two different sizes for that same person.  Once you determine the size ear tip you wear, small, medium, large, etc., you must then choose from among several different styles, a variety of heights, composition of material, and other variables.  When you do that, it becomes hit and miss in terms of which specific tip will fit you best and as a result stay in best.  We suggest contacting us through the contact form, tell us your earphone brand and model, and then we can tell you the specific options available to you for your earphones.  Once we do that, you might be able to choose on your own, or if you'd like, we are happy to put together an assortment of those options so you don't have to purchase multiple items to find the best fitting ear tips for earbuds.  We have one interest at, and that is to find you the best earbud tips for you so you will come back as well as tell a friend!

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