Ear tips for truly wireless earphones that fit in the charging case!

Posted by The Ear Tip Expert on Feb 18th 2021

So you just got your brand new truly wireless earbuds, a.k.a. true wireless earphones depending on what brand you bought, and you love them!  Then, about a week later you're hunting around because you lost one of the ear tips for them.  No worries my friend, we've got you covered right here at Earphones Plus.  As always, let me remind you that earphone tip sizes and connection diameter's are not universal, so pay attention to the specifications in our ads and compare them to what you are replacing before you buy, or use the "contact us" form to tell us your brand and model truly wireless earphones you have and we'll point you to the right product.  Also, and this is a biggie, all of our replacement ear tips for truly wireless earphones will fit in the charger.  It's a well known problem that manufacturer's remain shortsighted about this issue and designed their chargers to accommodate only the OEM ear tips, so you can also be assured that the tips we promote to replace truly wireless earbud tips will attach both to the earphones properly and fit in the case for charging.  Here's a link to our memory foam ear tips for true wireless:


Don't forget also, that some people with overly large or extra small ear canals might need to use a tip that is not compatible with the charger.  That's unfortunate, but sometimes the good (freedom from wires) outweighs the bad (having to remove the ear tips for recharging your earphones), and that's where we come in too.  At the end of the day, we always promote the ideal of isolation first, because isolation is what allows you to enjoy the full quality of sound your true wireless earbuds are capable of.  Of course if the ear tips are not comfortable to wear, then isolation doesn't matter.  Thus, until the truly wireless earphone manufacturers start designing their cases to accommodate all shapes and sizes of ear tips, try a number of our tips to find that perfect marriage of isolation and fit.  We now offer an assortment pack so you can choose some tips made for the charger, but at the same time try some other styles to get the fit that let's you get the best sound, even if it means removing the tip for charging.  I personally use a tip that doesn't fit into the charger, and I don't have a problem with it at all.  Of course it would be better if they fit, but it's really not that big a deal to me.