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Best inexpensive earphones for a gift

Posted by The Ear Tip Expert on Mar 23rd 2020

It's holiday time and everyone can use a new pair of earphones!  Whether it be earphones for the gym, earphones for running, or just to have on hand for backups, try ours!  All of our earphones are made by the same factory using the same components as some of the biggest names in the industry.  Here's a little secret...many brands don't make their own earphones.  They send representatives to trade shows, find good sounding earphones, and then contract with that factory to put their brand name on them.  Then they sell them to a distributor, who sells them to stores, and then they are sold to you, but only after each party who touched them gets a little bit of profit.  We do the same thing, but we contract with the same factory, put them in stock and sell them direct to you.  The difference is you get sound quality that is on par with ANY earphones you can buy up to about $50, but for a lot less.  We're pretty confident in saying that.  How confident?  Buy a pair and if you don't agree they are worth every cent, ask for a return within 30 days of purchase and we'll pay the return shipping.  You have nothing to lose so give us a try, you're gonna love them!  Find them all right here: